Publishing opportunities are another great option for inspiring motivation and bringing authenticity to learning. If chosen, it brings student work to a broad audience and a great sense of achievement. These publishing opportunities are writing based, and are not by any means the only publishing opportunities and organizations out there. In saying this, it is a great place to start. Enjoy exploring!

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Figment. (n.d.). Retrieved July 11, 2015, from
Figment, while not an organization, is a great resource for aspiring writers to submit work, to chat with others and to join chat forums with featured writers. It is really geared toward young writers to submit work and collaborate with others, and seems quite viable for middle school students to do it independently from school and without teacher guidance.

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Merlyn's Pen. (n.d.). Retrieved July 11, 2015, from
Merlyn’s Pen is an organization that provides opportunity for America’s youth to submit their writing in order to gain a wider audience. There is also a various array of teacher resources for those who are members (free). It’s overall dedication to the writer’s craft is an inspirational place for young writers to go to and access resources and contests.

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National Novel Writing Month. (n.d.). Retrieved July 11, 2015, from
National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an organization that creates a platform for writing a 50,000 word novel from November 1-November 30. Its forums provide encouragement and inspiration for writers young and old.

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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards | Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. (n.d.). Retrieved July 11, 2015, from
Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards, has been offering an outlet for creative young minds to express themselves since 1923. Teens from all over the world in grades 7-12 can submit work in 28 categories of art and writing. This is an exceptional opportunity for student submission and it provides pathways to other contests such as the National Student Poets Program. Numerous recognitions are awarded and displayed through internet or larger works. For this special interest group it provides an audience for student work and recognition.

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Stone Soup | Magazine and Books by and for Kids. (n.d.). Retrieved July 11, 2015, from
Stone Soup, is dedicated to printing stories, poems, and art by kids thirteen and under in magazine format six times a year. Founded in 1973, it is now a highly regarded magazine that is used in classrooms around the world. Stories are republished in various educational publications, which extends the outreach of student work.