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McCarthy, J. (2015, March 19). Authentic Audiences Purpose: Engaging Students in Learning that Means Something. Retrieved July 8, 2015 from

Opening Paths supports needs through creative problem solving. They provide innovative approaches to learning needs and provide viable suggestions on how to find authentic audiences in teaching. It links to other organizations that are associated with learning initiatives. The most prominent suggestion is to create a community approach, in which community can be town, country, or the world. One of the suggestions for finding authentic audiences is to leave behind the idea of 6 Degrees of Separation and to think of it instead as 3 Degrees of Connectivity. Educators should tap into social platform connections as well as those around them; students, parents, and other staff members are a good start.

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McCarthy, J. (n.d.). 4 Paths to Engaging Authentic Purpose and Audience. Retrieved July 8, 2015 from

Edutopia as an organization provides excellent ideas on teaching practice as well as lesson ideas that support these practices. In particular, John McCarthy’s piece on authentic purpose and audience is useful in regards to this special interest group. The most profound connection from this is the idea that an authentic purpose equals an authentic audience. This supports what has been found in scholarly articles, but the ways to implement this is of particular interest. This can be approached with problem solving, advocacy, awareness, and publication. From this, an authentic audience will emerge. All of these approaches could involve technology, but a nice bonus to this website is the 50+ social media toolsthat are linked from this page.

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Educause Learning Initiative. (2015). Retrieved July 14, 2015, from

The Educause Learning Initiative is a community of “institutions and organizations committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.” Their white paper, “Authentic Learning for the 21st Century: An Overview” by Marilyn M. Lombardi, provides a clear, detailed guide on integrating authentic learning opportunities into classrooms (see annotated articles page for more information on the paper). While the broader organization Educause is mainly focused on integrating IT solutions into university campuses, their Learning Initiative projects are applicable to all grade levels.

National Council of Teachers of English. [National Council of Teachers of English Logo]. Retrieved July 13, 2015, from

The National Council of Teachers of English is a professional organization that is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels. Their mission includes the use of language to construct personal and public worlds that achieve full participation in society. This association promotes the ideals that authentic audiences are crucial to providing individuals that contribute to society as a whole.